Spa Facilities


Ottoman Hammam

Duration: 30 minutes – 20€ for 2-3 guests.
Ideal for detoxification, as it helps the release of toxins from the fat cells. It activates blood circulation, to improve our metabolic function.

Indoor heated Jacuzzi

Duration: 30 minutes – 40€ for 2-3 guests.

Ottoman Hammam and Indoor heated Jacuzzi

Duration: 60 minutes – 50€ for 2-3 guests.


Massage From Ancient Greece until today the massage is considered to be the science of disease prevention and health as it brought therapeutic results. It is still a very important practice for creating electrical and chemical balance of the body, in order for all internal organs to work properly. We are at your disposal to offer you moments of total relaxation, alleviating your muscular pains, giving you wellness and fitness, in a perfectly harmonized place which is ready to welcome everyone who needs moments of relaxation.

Calm Mind Retreat

Duration: 60 minutes – 60€
A full body massage of moderate intensity throughout the body.
It improves blood circulation, softens muscular pains and relieves stress.